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Eagle Express Courier Service has been an integrated business delivery services for over eleven years serving the New York City metropolitan, environs and other places around the nation.
Our services are so superb and point blank that our client feels handicapped not relying on us.
We provide you with solutions that best suit your delivery needs while you relax and do other things.
Because we believe in long term relationship, we maintain fair prices with excellent and consistent service. 
We move with technology and so our approach toward giving you the right service you deserved. With the on-line service you can log in your jobs in seconds and also check the status or POD information instantly. 

Our organization is reputed on highly skilled professionals who understand the Corporate American businesses and time demand on all deliveries. The experiences are the consortium that keeps our business wheels rolling. 
We take safety management seriously. This helps us to serve you in a most reliable way. You will be proud to join the Eagle Express Courier Service family.