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Cageless Boarding!!!

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Hewlett Pet Resort now offers, "The Ultimate Pet Vacation". Each "guest” has his or her own room - and is completely cageless! We provide a fluffy blanket. You don't need to bring bowls, leashes, pillows or toys.  We provide them all! Included in your pet's stay are the following:

  • Nightly Entertainment for our guests' listening pleasure with "Guido" our resident parrot.
  • Playtime with a trained staff member. Your pet's room will have a night-light.
  • Individualized attention.
  • We don't close doors - we use a baby gate.
  • Snack time - your pet will receive a favorite biscuit, cookie or special treat.
  • Frequent walks on a leash around our lovely property. Exercise in large outdoor enclosed runs.
  • Plenty of TLC!
  • TV and VCR in every room! The latest doggie & cat movie is shown!

  • Dr. Zipkin will visit your pet each day and will be on call at all times. On the morning that your pet is scheduled to go home, he will be brushed, nails trimmed (if necessary) and will luxuriate in a bubble bath, and have a spritz of cologne. The price of the bath is according to your pet's size, weight, and length and condition of hair.
The daily rates on our deluxe accommodations are as follows:
Dogs 25 lbs and under... $30.00 per day
26-35 lbs... 35.00 per day
36-50 lbs... 40.00 per day
51-75 lbs... 45.00 per day
76-100 Ibs… 50.00 per day
Giant Size… 55.00+ per day
Cats will be Cageless or Giant Cage. $25.00 per day + $2.00 for disposable kitty litter pan

Hewlett Pet Resort Suites: If you desire your pet to luxuriate in our apartment suite, with one of our caring technicians, the cost will be only $10 more per night than the rate for deluxe accommodations. Your pet will of course, have his (her) own room, will have the undivided attention of one or both of our technicians, and will spend the day on the main level of our "Resort". At night, it's back upstairs for T.V., perhaps a movie, dinner and some more love! We, at Hewlett Pet Resort, are pleased you've chosen us to share the care of your pets. We appreciate your trust and confidence. We all know that there is no place like home for your pet, but we feel, and we think that you will agree, that Hewlett Pet Resort comes close! You will be required to leave a non-refundable deposit (depending on the size of your pet). If you change your plans your deposit can be used forever and for any service we provide.
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